Dimension Checker

This tool is only available for the 2013 and later versions of Revit. Dimension Checker identifies dimension strings using the dimension override options and presents them for review. Additional filter options can be used to narrow the search results.

Using Dimension Checker

Click on the “CTC Software” tab in the ribbon and then click on the “Dim Checker” button:

Dimension Checker Image

Search Filters

The first step when using dimension checker is to select the search options. The three options for filtering search results are “Dimension Value”, “Text Fields” and a list of specific characters to search for. These options are related directly to the native Revit “Dimension Text” dialog that is used to configure dimension overrides in Revit:

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

In the “Dimension Value” box in the next image, select whether to search for dimension strings set to “Use Actual Value” and/or dimensions set to use the “Replace with Text” option.

NOTE: When both “Use Actual Value” and “Replace with Text” are selected at the same time, no dimensions will be filtered from the search results unless also including other search criteria, such as for text fields or those text values that contain specific characters.

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

The “Text Fields” filter can be used to only return dimension strings that have an override configured for the prefix, suffix, above or below fields. Once enabled, select the checkboxes next to each override property for which to search.

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

The “Text Fields” checkboxes will normally return any dimensions with any of the overrides configured (“or” logic), however by checking the “Match all Fields” checkbox, only dimension strings that have all of the selected overrides configured will be displayed (“and” logic).

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

To search or filter for dimension strings that contain specific characters or phrases, use the Search controls:

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

Each phrase or character should be entered on its own line in the box below. Choose whether to include or exclude dimensions containing the terms. Press the Enter key to start a new line. In this example the period, comma and dash characters have been added as search criteria:

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

The “Match Case” and “Match All Phrases” checkboxes can be used further narrow the search results:

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

Once all search criteria have been specified, click the “Search” button. To refresh the result, click the refresh icon at the lower left corner of the window.

Working With the Search Results Grid

The search results will be displayed on the right side of the dialog. For each dimension the following information is collected and displayed:

The “Show” button can be used to find a specific dimension in the project. Select a single dimension and click the “Show” button, or double-click on the dimension row. Dimension Checker will open the host view and zoom in on the dimension.
NOTE: The Dimension Checker dialog is modeless, so the Revit project is active and accessible while the tool is open. The “Show” option can be used to help navigate around the model to find dimension strings for editing without closing Dimension Checker between edits.

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

Search results can be saved to a spreadsheet format for later review. To save the search results click the “Save” button.

Dimension Checker Search Filters Interface

Select the desired file path and choose from .XLSX, .XLS or .CSV file format.

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