Manage Revit Project Links

Using the Tool

Manage Revit Project Links is installed as a shortcut in the Windows Explorer context menu. It can be used to modify link paths within Revit files without first opening the files in Revit. It is a quick way to change references within .rvt files in cases where the paths no longer match the locations of the files they previously pointed to.

To run it, open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder containing the .rvt file(s) whose links need to be updated. Right click on the file (.rvt) to invoke the context menu.

Manage Revit Links Interface

Revit does not need to be open to use this tool. The main interface will present a list of links found in the file.

Manage Revit Links Interface

Modifying Link Properties in Revit Files

Using this interface, link path types, load statuses and file paths can be changed by selecting a row or rows and clicking the desired action on the toolbar.

The result of the actions chosen are shown in the last three columns.

Manage Revit Links Interface

If the changes to be made appear as expected, click Apply to make them permanent. This will modify the file selected. Be sure that it is not being used by any other program.

For more detailed information about link management and to learn about the more robust Import and Link Manager tool, refer to that section in this guide.

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