Project Cleaner

Using Project Cleaner

Removing information from a Revit model is important to protect intellectual property and also to help reduce the file size of models prior to being linked into projects or prior to sending projects to outside consultants. Project cleaner removes views, view templates, view filters, images, CAD links, schedules and sheets from Revit projects.

Launching Project Cleaner

The button named “Project Cleaner” will be located in the “CTC Software” tab in the ribbon of the Autodesk Revit application:

Project Cleaner Image

Removing Elements from the Model

Project cleaner has multiple tabs which are used to select the views, view templates, filters, sheets and links and images for removal.

Project Cleaner Image

Check the checkbox next to each element that should be removed. The check all and check none tools in the upper right corner affect only the check boxes on the active tab.

Once all desired selections have been made on all tabs click the “Remove” button in the toolbar at the top of the dialog. This will remove all checked items on all tabs.

Project Cleaner Image

Before deleting the elements, a confirmation dialog will be displayed:

Project Cleaner Image


It can be helpful to purge a model to remove unused elements before or after cleaning. The “Purge” tool invokes Revit’s “Purge Unused” feature and is provided as a convenience. Saved Selections and Options To save or re-load the list of elements to clean on the project, use the save and load tools on the menu.

Project Cleaner Image

This is particularly useful if this is a Revit model that will undergo the cleaning process regularly. The options dialog controls default behavior of the add-in. It also contains sorting options for the lists of items in the interface.

Project Cleaner Image


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