Schedule Parameter Resolver

Schedule Parameter Resolver aids in properly mapping shared parameters to schedule parameters. As can often happen while working on projects with other offices or disciplines or because of standards inconformity, parameters in a schedule don’t properly display the expected data. Sometimes there’s a conflict in name, data type or shared parameters. This tool makes it easy to sync schedule columns with the right parameter data.

Using Schedule Parameter Resolver

From the CTC BIM Project Suite panel in the CTC Software tab, click the icon:

Schedule Parameter Resolver Interface

Schedule Parameter Resolver Interface The Schedule Parameter Resolver Interface

Choosing a Shared Parameter File

Begin by specifying the path to the shared parameter file which contains the parameters to map to the columns in the schedule(s). Simply click the Browse button to locate the desired .txt file (must be a Revit shared parameters file).

Schedule Parameter Resolver Interface

Resolving Schedule Parameters

Choose the schedules that need to have their parameters synchronized with the selected shared parameters. The parameters in the schedules will be listed in the ‘Parameters’ list in the ‘Parameter Name’ column. The action to perform and available parameters in the shared parameters file will be available in the drop downs in ‘Replace with…’ column.   Assign all of the relevant mappings by selecting the appropriate shared parameter. Any parameters left unchanged (<Do Not Replace>) will remain unaltered.

Schedule Parameter Resolver Interface

When finished, click OK to apply the mapping or Close to exit without saving changes. Click the expand button to see the details of the operation.

Schedule Parameter Resolver Interface


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