Suite Settings

The Suite Settings tool allows suite-level changes to be applied. The settings and procedures are identical for all of the CTC Express Tools for Revit.

NOTE: You may need to restart Revit in order to see any changes made with this tool take effect.

NOTE: Your system administrator may disable some features of this application. See the CTC Suites Installation and Configuration document for more details.

Starting Suite Settings

Click on the “CTC Software” tab in the ribbon and then click on the applicable “Suite Settings” button.

For this example, we will use the CTC Batch Suite but the procedures here are applicable to all of the CTC products for Revit.

Suite Settings Button

Depending on ribbon button configuration, the button may be labeled “BIM Batch Suite Settings” and located under the “Free Tools” dropdown button on the CTC BIM Batch Suite panel.

Suite Settings Button

This will launch the application, which should look something like this:

Suite Settings Button

Changing Which Ribbon Buttons are Visible and how they Appear

The first tab in the Suite Settings tool allows changing which ribbon buttons are available, if this feature has not been disabled by the system administrator. The CTC Suites Installation and Configuration document explains how ribbon button availability can be controlled more automatically using either configuration files or Active Directory security group definitions.

Suite Settings Configuration

For any ribbon buttons that you don’t want to have available, simply clear the checkmark by their name and then click the “Save” button at the bottom. If you turn off the button for this application itself, the following dialog will appear when you try to save that change:

Suite Settings Configuration

Selecting the grouping checkboxes near the bottom of the dialog will condense the tools into a dropdown button. This is the default behavior when the tools are installed on a new computer:

Suite Settings Configuration

Note that if only one tool within a group is visible, the button for that tool will be placed directly on the panel. So there will be no drop-down button if there would be only one tool to show underneath it.

Either free or premium tools (or both) can be ungrouped. For example, these settings:

Suite Settings Configuration

results in this:

Suite Settings Configuration

Selecting the “Use small icons for ungrouped tools in the Revit ribbon” checkbox can save some ribbon space for ungrouped tools. For example, these settings:

Suite Settings Configuration

results in this:

Suite Settings Configuration

Seeing and Changing License Status

The second tab in the Suite Settings tool allows seeing the current license status and changing the licensing:

The top portion of this screen shows how the licensing is currently configured for this suite. Clicking the “Change Licensing…” button will show the dialog that allows changing how the suite is licensed:

For more information on how the Product and License Information dialog works, please review the “License Activation and Management” guide.


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