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HIVE Public Libraries

Public libraries are available read-only to all organizations using HIVE CMS. They serve as a means to obtain content for use with the CTC HIVE CMS Desktop Application from many providers.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

Some of the key features are:

NOTE: Users of other organizations cannot edit, add, update, comment or rate content in public libraries.

Using Public Libraries

Log in to the portal and go to LIBRARIES.

About Content and Public Libraries

A public library must have the "Upload Content" option checked. This is enforced when checking "Make Public".

Helpful descriptions are useful to organizations when determining whether the content in the library is appropriate for their users.


Make the Library Public

Start by creating a library to make public. To learn how to do this, go to the Creating Libraries Section

In step one, make sure to check the box for "Make Public". Checking this will force the "Upload Content" option to select.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

Move on to step 2 or click SAVE and CLOSE to finish.

Add a Library Preview Image

Preview images add visual appeal to a library listing and can help describe the content they contain.

To ensure that the image displays well in the list, use square aspect, crisp graphics with maximum dimensions of 500px.

Acceptable image types are: .PNG, .JPG/.JPEG and .GIF. BMP and TIFF are not generally compressed and should be avoided.

To associate an image to a library, click the pencil icon to edit and skip to step 2.

Browse to the desired image and choose it. Click save. Proceed to Permissions (Grant Access) or click close to finish.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

To update an image, repeat the above procedure. The new image will overwrite the old.

Subscribing to Public Libraries

When an organization subscribes to a public library, all of the content it contains will be available. Additionally, the content will always be up to date from the provider.

A subscription can be turned off any time. The groups that were previously granted will still be associated but the library will no longer be visible to the user group(s).

Public Library Lists

The list of public libraries has a few features that make finding content quick and easy.

The provider of the library is shown below the preview image.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

Subscribing to Libraries

On the list of libraries, click the switch control of the desired library. This will prompt to select groups for which to grant access.

Libraries that are subscribed by the organization are shown with the subscribe switch activated ('SUBSCRIBED' filter button).

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

Libraries that do not have a subscribe switch indicate public libraries that have been provided by the current organization ('MYPUBLIC' filter button).

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

Granting Access to User Groups

By granting access to user groups, the public library will be shown to the user. In addition, searches will include results from public libraries.

To learn how to create and manage user groups, Jump to the User Groups section of the guide

To manage groups, go to HIVE Portal USERS and GROUPS

On the public libraries list, click the groups icon of a previously subscribed library to grant access.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

On the grant form, click in to the search field to present the list of available groups.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

Select groups from the list. Type the first few letters of a group name to filter the list.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

Click ADD to add the selected groups to the list.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

When all of the desired groups have been added, click SAVE to apply the changes.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries

Library Display in the CMS

Public libraries are indicated in the CMS desktop application by a small globe icon. The name of the organization is also included as with shared libraries to indicate to the user the provider of the library.

HIVE CMS Public Libraries


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