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HIVE Request System

The request system in HIVE can be used to help an organization build its component collections based on user needs. It has features that facilitate the aquisition process through communication, status and endorsement.

Some of the key features are:

Using the Requests System

List of Requests

Log in to the portal and go to REQUESTS.

An administrator of the organization must enable the Requests feature before it can be accessed.

Create a Request

  1. On the left navigation drawer, click My Requests or All Requests. Click the CREATE button at the upper right.

  2. Subject is a required field. It is suggested to keep it short but descriptive. Avoid using all caps and unusual characters.

  3. Choose a Priority value. A high priority selection must be accompanied by a 'Required By' date.

    Required By is activated when priority is set to "High".

  4. Select one or more libraries if the content request is related to one. This selection will also help determine who should receive notifications and ultimately handle the request. If no libraries appear in the list, you may not have access to any.

  5. If desired, suggest a file name that should be used for the new piece of content.

  6. If applicable, select Units of Measure that the content should target.

  7. Add a detailed description.

  8. Upload attachments that might be helpful to explain or detail the content request. Most types of files are accepted up to a limit of 25mb each.

  9. When satisfied with the request, click save. The request should now appear in the My Requests view.

HINT: To view the details of a request in the All Requests view, click the info button. View Request Icon


Comments are used to collaborate within the context of a request. Only admins and creators of a request can comment on it. Comments are visiible to all users in the organization if set to be so by an admin.

To create a comment on a request: simply expand the request by clicking on it to reveal the comment history and text box. Only simple text is allowed (no links or images, complex formatting).

A single comment can be deleted by the comment creator or the admin. Click the X to the left of a comment to remove it.


If enabled, users can "up-vote" or "like" to help promote or show support for a request. Up-voting can be done by clicking the thumbs-up, icon on a request. Conversely, the vote can be undone by clicking on the thumbs up icon a second time.


If enabled, users can watch a request thread for changes. Changes to status or added comments will notify the watcher. Watching can be done by clicking the eye icon on a request. Conversely, watching can be undone by clicking on the eye icon a second time.

Administrating the Request System

Assign Roles

Only one role need be assigned to groups that will perform admin functions on requests. All organization users can access requests when it is enabled.

To learn how to assign roles, Jump to Project Roles

To assign roles, go to HIVE Portal USERS and GROUPS

Remove Requests

Requests can be deleted by admins and creators (only those they've created) at any time by clicking the X icon below the edit icon. Deletion of a request removes all comments and attachments to the request as well. Deletion cannot be undone.

Enable the Request Features

An organization admin can enable and disable the request system. The system is enabled by default.

Go to REQUESTS and click on Settings. If desired, simply click the 'Enabled' toggle switch to turn off the feature.


Email Notification Settings

Fine tune the amount of messages that get sent by HIVE